Llandudno campsite’s Hollywood style-sign to be taken down

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A Hollywood-inspired sign welcoming visitors to a campsite will be taken down after a row over planning permission.

Farmer Mark Rutherford said the “Camp Llandudno” display had brought a smile to the faces of everyone passing.

However, he did not gain permission to advertise his pop-up campsite in such a way and would reluctantly remove it.

Conwy council said it was “disappointed” permission was not sought.

Farm owner Mr Rutherford explained he gained the required permission under the 28-day rule – which allowed him to temporarily change the use of the land – to create a pop-up campsite.

However, he did not realise he would need to gain a different form of permission to promote it.

“The problem is that the sign has been put up without a planning application to the local authority,” he told BBC Radio Wales Breakfast.

“They deem it visual clutter and even though it’s only there to promote the pop-up campsite that will go at the end of the month, they’re not happy.”

He said after requests from council officials, he will take it down on Wednesday.

Mr Rutherford added: “I’m not a rule breaker, I have enough on my plate ensuring the success of the pop-up campsite. I will remove it today, I don’t want to aggravate the situation.

“The public have been unanimously supportive, it just puts a smile on people’s faces when they drive past.

“Maybe I’ll have it next year, but with the correct agreement.”


‘Unauthorised advertising’

Conwy council said it received a complaint about the “unauthorised advertising”.

“We’re disappointed that the owner hadn’t sought advice from us and instead proceeded to display an advertisement without consent,” a spokesman added.

“As the advertisement doesn’t have consent, we informed the owner that he should remove the advertisement and he agreed to remove the advertisement on 9 August.”